A Winter Interlude by Drosselmeyer



Written by: Drosselmeyer

For Cakeiton. Story is written from a set of prompts by Cakeiton for one of the SessKag Discord Drabble Nights. I missed the drabble night, but Cake's list of prompts hit all my favorite things, so I still played with them. Each chapter title is one of the listed prompts (the last split prompt being two separate chapters).WARNING: fic is NSFW. Tame but NSFW. 

Cake, thank you for everything you do with drabble nights!

First fic in the Four Seasons series.


The winter air is sharp, biting as it pierces her clothes, and Kagome peers through the dark at the faint glow of orange that beckons her.


Her pace quickens, boots crunching over fresh snow. There’s a quiet this night, the kind only the cold can bring, and she treks over the landscape, letting it sink into her bones.

Almost there.

Adrenaline races down her spine. Her pulse quickens, and she forgets to breathe. But she pushes forward, tramping through a drift for what lies ahead—even if she shouldn’t.

She frowns.

Another step, another breath, another night…

Another brother.


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