Desires Unmentioned by Rachel


Author Note: This is my first delve into actually fanfiction. I've created plenty of worlds on my own, but actually writing in them has proven problamatic. Also, I am only marginally familiar with Japanese culture, so if I use any words incorrectly please let me know so I can correct them, or if they don't flow in the story I can use the English equivelent. 

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No. This could not be. There had to be something wrong - a misprint, a misunderstanding. It could not be truth. She closed the book gently when she wanted to slam it, inaccurate as it must - MUST - be it was very old and very delicate and her grandfather had worked very hard and paid quite a bit to acquire it for her. She would not dishonor him by damaging his last gift to her before she returned through the well. Her eyes closed on impending tears. Oh, how she wished Kaede was still alive. If anyone could confirm this information it would have been the old miko. Alas, she was already old during Kagome's first adventure in the Feudal Era and had not survived the ten years before she had been able to return. Ten torturous years of separation from her much loved feudal family. She'd used them wisely.

Somehow she'd never doubted that one day the well would reopen and let her return. So she'd waited and learned. Finishing school, and even university had been easy without Inuyasha's constant interference. At university she'd focused on history and had been the star of their kyudo club, although she'd never told anyone where she'd first learned. She had also given her grandfather great pleasure by actually paying attention to his outlandish stories and learning all she could on how to be a proper miko.

With the destruction of the Shikon no Tama, her powers were now under her full control and her grandfather had fully supported her ambition to conquer them. He'd taught her what he knew and helped her find other teachers and guided her reading. Another thing she'd chosen to study, once she'd found a decent job in an office, was judo. One of her greater regrets of her feudal adventures was that she had needed so much protection. Arrows were a good weapon for foes at a distance, but once they got close enough she had always relied on someone else to save her.

She was determined to fix that. Judo was her choice, because of all the martial disciplines available in the modern age it focused, not on strength, but on using strength wisely - both your own and your opponents. However, strong as she had become in body that strength was useless now. Her world was cracking and she was desperately trying to deny it.

Joy. It had filled her when the well had finally opened. Bittersweet as she'd cried goodbye with her mother, brother and grandfather, but so much joy had welled when she'd climbed out on the other side to meet his golden eyes. He'd said he had been waiting for her. That he was so happy she had returned. He'd held her hand close as they walked to the village, had pulled her into his arms as he'd told her Kaede had passed only three years after she had gone, let her cry on his shoulder.

Sango had been so surprised when she'd seen them. Miroku had given their closeness a considering look, but that was Miroku. Hentai to the core. Her joy increased three-fold when they reached the village, for Sango's three children had decided to attach themselves to their new Oba-san, before Inuyasha shoo'd them away. She had laughingly chastised him for monopolizing her and sat on Sango's stoop to let them climb all over her, tell her their stories, and answer their questions. Patient, despite Inuyasha's hovering.

It was only once they'd gone, young minds yet distractible, that she'd asked where Shippo was. There'd been an almost awkward pause, before Miroku had told her that he was studying at the kitsune school. She'd been so depressed then, that Sango had rushed to reassure her that Sesshomaru was due by to see Rin in a few weeks and he'd likely be bringing Shippo to visit. Not surprised by Inuyasha's disgruntled 'Keh', she'd let her questions and concerns go in favor of learning about all the little joys and sorrows her family had gone through without her.

Her joy became immeasurable when after night had fallen, Inuyasha had escorted her to a field at the edge of the village and under the impossibly bright feudal stars asked her to marry him. It had been everything she had ever dreamed of. She set aside the shadows in his tarnished gold eyes, and embraced him , crying with happiness.

Later he'd introduced her to Asayo, a miko born in another village, who had taken over Kaede's duties and would be performing the ceremony. She was a sweet, if somewhat simple woman who was continuing Rin's education and was training two other young mikos as well. It had been a thought, wondering if Miroku had set aside his staff once he'd married, but it slipped from her mind as quietly as it had arrived.

Turning her attention back to the blasted book, she sighed, wishing she'd never found the thing when she'd gone into her almost forgotten bag looking for the scrap of nightwear she'd blushed at including in her packing. She had, after all, not wanted to be unprepared if Inuyasha had waited for her. And he had. Everything was going beautifully. He'd grown so much. There were no more fights, no more insults. He hadn't mentioned Kikyo at all. He was entirely focused on her, barely left her alone even.

If she hadn't found this book, it would have been perfect. She opened it again to the last page she'd read. On the left page was a detailed drawing that was an exact match to the rosary Kaede had spelled around Inuyasha's neck when he was chasing her the first time they met. The first time she had 'sat' him, for trying to kill her.

To the right were the ingredients and description for the spell required to form the Subjugation Beads, and how to release them. Inuyasha still wore them, and since she hadn't had to sit him since she came back the subject of removing them had never come up. But here in black and white were the details of how. Simply removing or tearing them from his neck was not enough, they'd merely reform by morning. Indeed, the owner of the beads could do nothing to revoke the spell.

The only thing that would break it was the correction of the desire that caused them to be cast. In other words, the spell would have automatically released if Inuyasha had ever given up or let go of his desire to kill her.


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