Last Stand by Aschente

Last Stand

Rated MA for foul language, sexual content, blood, violence, and adult situations.

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance


Summary: Naraku has taken over the Western Lands and in a cruel twist of fate, Sesshomaru is forced to protect Kagome with a display of passion in front of the spider demon.

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Sesshomaru walked with his shoulders squared and golden eyes sharp as he stared straight ahead. He could sense eyes watching him, relying on him as he passed his fellow slaves. His face was stoic and nonchalant as he walked no emotion could be depicted on his cold features. Inside, however, he was a burning inferno of thoughts and strategy.

He would save the people depending on him or he would die trying.

Purified shackles bit harshly against his wrists, clanking together with every step the ex-demon lord took. The chains had become familiar with his person. He was itching for them to be removed, however, Sesshomaru would have to wait a little longer for his desire.

Byakuya his handler tugged on his chains, signaling to the quiet demon to move faster. Sesshomaru was stalling for a reason however, and this was because it was the first time he had been let out of his cell in months. 

He observed the new smells and Youkai that intruded in on his home. And from the path, Byakuya was taking he surmised they were heading for his former throne room. 

They stood outside great wooden zen style doors. Without a word, the doors were opened, and determined golden eyes met fierce red.

Naraku smirked at Sesshomaru coyly as he sat in Sesshomaru’s former throne. 

Naraku had called him forth, and for whatever reason, Sesshomaru knew it would not be pleasant. 

“Killing Perfection.” A dark chuckle mocked, Sesshomaru wished nothing more than to slice the half demon’s head off with his Youkai… 

“Lord Naraku,” Sesshomaru responded cooly, keeping his voice nonchalant and firm. The title undeserving of the half breed, golden eyes falling to the man who figuratively and physically held his chains. The one who imprisoned him in his own fortress. 

The Western Fortress, his home for centuries had become a prison to the Daiyoukai. 

Naraku’s army had attacked his mother’s castle during the night. InuKimi had been held captive during the siege. It was a low blow and a cheap move to get Sesshomaru to surrender willingly. In the end, InuKimi was executed in front of her son.

Sesshomaru’s molten eyes narrowed on the spider demon, Naraku circled him with a smirk on his features.

“He looks quite tamed Kagura, it was a good call to keep him alive,” Naraku says to the wind sorceress. 

Kagura sat quietly in the throne next to Naraku, her fan fluttering as she observes Sesshomaru for herself. She only nodded in response.

“Do you wish to see what he is still capable of My Lord?” Byakuya asked Naraku, bowing to him as he walked over to the former Lord of the West.

“Of course.” The spider demon chuckled sickly.

Naraku walked down towards Sesshomaru, and in return, the Killing Perfection braced himself for whatever the psychotic bastard had in store for him.

Naraku paced around him in a few circles, mocking him with his movements. Before suddenly appearing inches from Sesshomaru’s face.

The proximity made Sesshomaru uncomfortable but no emotion flickered across his practiced stoic features. 

A cold hand traced a magenta stripe on Sesshomaru’s cheekbone. A claw extending as Naraku inspected the Daiyoukai. All but before folding down Sesshomaru’s eyelid, slight pressure applied. Naraku smirked darkly at him it was a threat that he had the power to gouge his eye out. 

Sesshomaru fumed with anger the filthy demon took such liberties to touch his person. Gritting his canines together as Naraku lifted his finger from his eyelid slowly.

“My Lord, what did you summon him here for?” Kagura asked lightly, her fan fluttering as she spoke.

Naraku grinned as he looked away from his toy, and focused on his incarnation. “I shall like some entertainment before I part for the south.”

“What would you like to see?” Kagura asked curiously, her fan put away with a single wave and flick of her wrist.

“Would you like to see him tortured my lord?” Byakuya asked excitedly. Sesshomaru’s handler preferred to torture him, delighting in the way his marks would mar perfect flesh. Scars however never stain permanently on pale alabaster skin much to Byakuya’s dismay. 

“What if we simply brought in the little bird I found earlier this morning,” Kagura suggested with delight.

“Splendid idea! Bring the little sparrow in for me Byakuya.”  Naraku clapped his hands together a low laugh forming as the said man disappeared to fetch the “bird”.

Kagura and Naraku’s eyes went to the door Byakuya disappeared behind. Sesshomaru looked around, realizing this was his chance. It wasn’t part of the plan, but that was what improvising was for. This was a perfect opportunity.

All he needed to do was lunge for the sword Byakuya had carelessly left behind. Sesshomaru’s fingers twitched for the blade, readying himself to jump forward, he was too late. The door opened revealing Byakuya and a young maiden.

Sesshomaru grew tense, a familiar smell wafting through the room. His gut filling with dread as he connected it with the person it belonged to. 


Sesshomaru’s heart dropped when he saw the fear in those blue eyes, the discomfort on her face palpable. He almost reached out for her, wanting to protect her from the cruelty about too unfold, but he resisted. Him getting in trouble for disobeying would ruin the plan they had set out. Then again, Kagome being here already hindered the plan. She was supposed to be with the others, but he couldn't deny that part of him was relieved she was in front of him.

He could see she was breathing, still very much alive. His biggest fear was that she would die before he had a chance to save her from this, so confirmation that she hadn't perished was a small comfort.

However, that comfort immediately disappeared when Naraku walked over roughly taking Kagome’s chin in his calloused hands forcing her to look at him. His eyes wild and lips pulled into a large grin. "What kind of noises do you think he'll make when we play with his Miko?” 

Sesshomaru couldn't stop the growl from rumbling in his chest. He took a step forward, but Byakuya was faster as Sesshomaru’s Youkai was sealed. Byakuya drew his sword to hold it towards him ”Don't do anything you'll regret, slave."

Sesshomaru’s hands balled into fists, unable to come up with a plan on the spot. He took a step back, his stomach twisting at the thought of not being able to protect Kagome.

She was his intended before they were taken, prisoner. Everyone knew Kagome was the way to get to him, the way to get him to obey. Hurting him did little, but threatening Kagome’s life had been proven to get him to cooperate, knowing she meant everything to him.

Sesshomaru let out another low growl of frustration but didn't move from his place. Byakuya lowered his weapon.

Kagura looked from Sesshomaru to Kagome wordlessly before sneering at Naraku "Let her go before he tries anything stupid."

Naraku obliged releasing Kagome by throwing her to the ground roughly. Sesshomaru only growled more in response to the abuse. 

Kagome to her digression made no sounds as she quietly picked herself off from the floor. However, her defiant blue eyes gave way to the anger she held for the wretched spider demon in front of her. 

"He gets a little restless when she's around. I'd advise you to use that to your advantage if you wish to take him." Byakuya suggested.

“Indeed, it’s disgusting,” Kagura remarked huffing haughtily before hiding her facial expressions once again behind a paper fan.

Naraku’s eyes flitted from Kagome to Kagura, then to Sesshomaru. "I would like to see just how much he cares for this woman. How far his affection goes."

"What do you mean?" Byakuya asked, his eyes lighting up with amusement.

Sesshomaru watched, eyes trained on Naraku as the man spoke. "I want to see him fuck his so-called Miko.”

Golden eyes widened as the two men around him laughed. "Marvelous idea," he heard Byakuya say.

Sesshomaru’s beast raging at the thought of putting Kagome through that kind of humiliation. 

They had shared knowing glances and stolen passionate kisses, but Sesshomaru hadn't properly courted Kagome. He didn't want to take her innocence this way. His beast protested against the idea of an audience.

"No," Sesshomaru growled, golden eyes narrowing.

Byakuya stopped laughing, returning Sesshomaru’s glare. "No?"

"No," he repeated himself, keeping his voice firm. "I won't."

“I object as-well this is quite vulgar My Lord!” Kagura shouted, her nails scraping against the arm of her seat.

“Your opinion matters little to me Kagura, as u are infatuated with him,” Naraku said knowingly.

Kagura let out a shriek, her protests spilling out of her to defend her self.

“You may have him afterward, for now, I would like some entertainment before I leave,” Naraku said carelessly, the comment causing Kagome obvious discomfort.

Kagura huffed, her glance to the side as she pondered the proposal, the Killing Perfection would no doubt be unable to deny her in his predicament.

“If you do not fuck her Sesshomaru I will… After all, she looks so much like my beloved Kikyo.” Naraku threatened, growing tired of the melodrama between the three people within the room.

Sesshomaru cringed, reading himself for a fight with his fists bound to protect Kagome’s innocence. It would surely get him killed however he knew if he could buy enough time-


He dropped his hands as he turned to see the obvious pain in cerulean eyes. Kagome shook her head, her voice turning into a soft whisper. “It’s okay.”

'What's okay?' Sesshomaru thought, refusing to believe anything around them was so. Kagome had shackles around her wrists, a threat to have someone take her body lingering in the air. Nothing felt right about this.

Kagome took a deep breath to steel her nerves. "If that's what you wish to see, you'll see it." She turned to Byakuya her voice pleading. "Master, please remove these chains first? At least until it is finished?"

Byakuya seemed to consider her request, his head turning to look at Kagura, who shrugged. Then finally to Naraku. “What do you think?"

“Proceed” the spider demon drawled. 

Byakuya nodded before pulling out a ring of keys, going to Kagome first. "Once Sesshomaru has finished, these will go back on. If you try to fight me, I will kill you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master." She held out her wrists, the chains clanking together as they swayed.

Byakuya removed them one at a time, letting them fall to the ground. They barely missed hitting Kagome’s bare feet, but she didn't flinch. She looked at Sesshomaru as Byakuya made his way over to the slave, her eyes falling to his bound wrists.

"If you try anything, I will run my sword through her chest so fast you won't even be able to say a word before she's gone. Do you understand?" Sesshomaru felt his stomach drop, disgusted by what was happening around him. He knew he wanted Kagome physically, he had thought about it on many occasions, but this wasn't what he had in mind.

Hell, he didn't want it to be in front of anyone for that matter.

"Yes, Master." Sesshomaru bit out through gritted teeth.

The chains were removed, Sesshomaru’s wrists flexing from his small taste of freedom. If he wasn't in his cage with the others, he was bound in some fashion. Sometimes it was a heavy chain around his neck or shackles around his ankles. Out of everything he preferred the one on his neck, even if his handler seemed to like tugging it too hard at times.

His Youkai came back in full force, and while it felt great to regain the power of a Daiyoukai once more. He knew it was too risky to fight with his newly re-acclaimed power while protecting his love.

Byakuya had retreated into the corner of the room, taking a seat as he watched. His sword was drawn, placed against his lap, ready to use at a moment's notice.

Sesshomaru took a deep breath, turning his sights on Kagome. Everyone had cleared the floor, leaving them standing in the center. Kagome moved until she was standing a few inches away from him, her blue eyes focused only on him. "It's okay," she whispered, hesitantly lifting her hand to cup his striped cheek. "I want you."

"Not like this," Sesshomaru finished for her, seeing the pain lingering in her eyes.

She gave him a strained smile, her eyes turning watery as she nodded. "No, not like this, but I still want you."

"Hurry up and start, before I take her myself,” Byakuya warned, causing the sickening feeling in Sesshomaru to spread.

Kagome raised on her toes as she leaned in. Sesshomaru thought she was going to try to kiss him, but she surprised him when her lips touched his ear. "Please, Sesshomaru. You won't be taking me. I'm willingly giving myself to you."

He felt her soft hands touch his bare chest, her fingers trailing down towards his loose shorts. As if to show she was serious, her hand brushed over his crotch, feeling his limp cock beneath the material.

She gave him a squeeze as she whispered, "The plan changed by the way. We need to keep them distracted anyway, so let’s make the most of it."

Her lips slid against a stripe on his cheek as they found his mouth, stealing a kiss from the man. Sesshomaru hesitated before responding to the kiss, feeling everyone's eyes on them. Despite the disgust he felt from being watched, Sesshomaru couldn't help but relish in Kagome’s kiss, enjoying the way her lips moved against his.

Her lips parted, tongue softly dragging against his, silently asking permission to enter. He granted it, opening his mouth to feel her tongue push inside. Kissing Kagome wasn't new, but he still felt his beast grow excited when her tongue massaged against his own, coaxing him to play.

Sesshomaru's eyes slid shut just as Kagome’s did, his hands coming up to wrap around her body to pull her closer. His brows furrowed when he felt something odd on her thigh, pressing against him

Without thinking, Sesshomaru's hand came down to squeeze between their bodies, inspecting what was placed on her inner thigh.

"Looks like he didn't need much convincing," Naraku mumbled, voice labored.

Sesshomaru glanced in Naraku’s direction, quickly looking away when he saw the man's hand down his pants, shamelessly touching himself while watching the slaves kiss.

The Daiyoukai felt more disgust flood his system, wishing he was kissing his intended under different circumstances. He had held off on pushing the physical aspect of their relationship any further out of respect, but he had little choices now. The only other choice would likely result in one or more of their deaths.

Sesshomaru's hand cupped the strange object on Kagome’s thigh, his fingers rubbing along it to figure out what it was. Kagome kept him busy with her sweet mouth, one of her hands weaving into his silver hair while the other gripped his bicep.

When Sesshomaru’s fingers felt the bottom of the object, feeling it tapper off, he realized what it was. He almost jerked away from her to ask how she acquired a small blade, but her hand on the back of his head kept him secure against her. He growled slightly, showing her his distaste that she was armed. She bit his lip harshly obviously warning him not to draw attention to it.

However, she wasn't so lucky. A moment after Sesshomaru brought his hand up to her waist, he heard Byakuya’s command. "Remove her kimono.”

Sesshomaru's fingers tightened around Kagome, wanting to protect her from being seen by the perverted demons that so carefully watched them. She was a Miko and the highest of purity among men, deserving the highest respect.

Sesshomaru hated that she had been reduced to a common slave, knowing her full potential as an educated human from the FUTURE.

Kagome slowly pulled away from the kiss, a string of saliva breaking apart after an inch to drip over their lips. She opened her hooded blue eyes, her fear nearly gone replaced with an emotion more carnal, desire. She leaned back, allowing Sesshomaru's eyes to roam over her figure. She was dressed in a simple white kimono, the ends ripped, and a few stains marring the waistline sash. 

It was a far cry from what she used to wear around his home as his future lady, however for some reason he could tell she would rather wear this than what she had been wearing before. 

Sesshomaru placed his hands on her shoulders, slowly pushing her collar to the side. Kagome let out a shuddering breath when his thumb swiped over her collarbone, her body leaning into his touch.

"It's just you and me," she whispered, but it didn't soothe his anger.

Kagome was precious to him, but he would rather them see her naked than to have her killed or taken by another.

The white cloth fell off her shoulders, her kimono beginning to fall. Sesshomaru’s hands secured around her hips instantly, not allowing the material to slip past just yet. The white cloth pooled around her haloing around her figure. His eyes fell to her bust, Sesshomaru's beast reacting when he took in the sight of her supple breasts. He couldn't stop himself from leaning in, pressing a kiss to the top of her chest, right above the swell.

He pulled back, knowing he had something more important to do than taste her, even if he desperately wanted to. His knees bent as he got down, kneeling in front of her. He was glad the people around him didn't question his actions, not knowing how he would explain them.

Sesshomaru’s right hand gripped at her kimono while his left hand released her hip, slipping down her leg until he found the hem of her kimono. His hand ventured under the bunched up fabric, sliding up her left leg towards her inner thigh.

He could hear the panting around him, knowing some of those sick fucks were getting off on what they saw. He had to remind himself that soon they would be gone from this world if the plan worked that was.

If they didn't strike tonight, he didn't know how long it would be before their next chance.

Sesshomaru's fingers trailed along the blade concealed under her Kimono. He grabbed the strap around her thigh, bringing it down with him as he pulled her kimono off, making sure to keep it hidden from everyone else. If Kagome was caught with it, there would be no hesitation. They would kill her, or at least that was what Sesshomaru feared.

He wasn't taking that risk.

Sesshomaru had thought about using that blade to try to take his captors down, but the odds were stacked against him. They had Youkai swords at their disposal, able to cut at him before he got too near. He had to wait until the time was right, but if Kagome said the plan changed, he didn't know what he was supposed to look out for.

Kagome stepped out of her dress, now naked for anyone to see. He grabbed her hand, coaxing her to come down to the floor with him. She did so willingly, laying on her back before he crawled over her.

If she had to be naked, he would at least try to cover as much of her as possible.

Kagome’s hands guided Sesshomaru’s face to hers, sealing their lips together in a tender kiss. He supported himself on his left elbow while his right hand cupped her cheek, his thumb brushing at her flushed skin. He didn't know if it was from embarrassment or from the kiss, but he hoped she wasn't too uncomfortable. At least he was able to keep most of her shielded, leaving no space between his body and hers.

Sesshomaru heard one of the people in the room sneering, his blood boiling at the thought of them humiliating his intended. He peppered her lips, jaw, then neck with kisses, hoping he could keep Kagome distracted, wanting her mind solely on him.

He reached her ear nibbling on it with his canine, voice husky as he asked, “May I?”

Kagome’s nails dug into Sesshomaru’s shoulders as she pulled him impossibly closer, her voice barely a whisper. "I want you, now."

Sesshomaru nodded, disguising it as him nuzzling against her neck. He couldn't deny he wanted her too, he just wished for better circumstances. “As do I, my mate.”

He stole her breath away with a kiss, this time more fierce than before. If he was being forced to do this, he might as well do it with as much passion as he could pour into her. His hand trailed down her body, feeling the smooth skin, marred with a few small scars.

Kagome moaned in his mouth when his hand groped her breast, palming her nipple as he gave her a gentle squeeze. He tested the pressure, his claws lightly digging into the pliable skin. Her soft flesh spilled between his fingers before he let up, deciding to focus on the small pink bud instead.

Kagome’s back arched when he took her nipple between two of his fingers, rolling it until it hardened. He brushed his thumb over her sensitive skin, a growl tearing from his throat when she bucked upwards, dragging her core against his shorts. Sesshomaru's eyes bled red and his stripes grew jagged in reaction to his Miko's touch.

Sesshomaru removed his hand from her breast long enough to push his shorts down, shrugging them off before thrusting his cock against her womanhood. He vaguely heard one of the people in the room comment on the stripes along his waist, but he ignored them. He didn't care if they looked at him. It would only ensure they spent less time looking at her.

In reaction to the earlier comment about his stripes, Kagome's hands drug along his waistline tracing the magenta stripes caressing his hips. Sesshomaru hissed as her fingers traced her fingers along his hip covering them from prying eyes.

Sesshomaru wished he could do more with her, but the thing he wanted to do the most would leave her too exposed for their eyes. He wanted to taste her at the source, to lick her sex, but he didn't want to risk it. Instead, he brought two fingers up, tracing them around Kagome’s lips before pushing them in her warm mouth.

While she sucked on them, Sesshomaru lowered his head, capturing a pert nipple in his mouth. His tongue lapped around it, Kagome’s nails digging deeper into his skin when he sucked on her bud.

She moaned, the sound a mix between his name and a whimper. His cock began to harden as his mind focused on pleasuring his woman, slowly forgetting about the people around them.

Kagome bucked her hips, dragging her wetness against his length. He was tempted to take her then and there, but he wanted to wait until she was ready first. Despite his beast calling for him to ravage her.

Sesshomaru pulled his fingers out of Kagome’s mouth, allowing the string of saliva to trickle down her chin as he dragged the tips of his fingers against her flushed neck and chest. He made sure to circle around her neglected nipple for a moment, loving the way she cried out when he lightly nibbled on her breast.

His fingers passed through her dark curls before rubbing against her clit, feeling her jerk in response as she gasped. Sesshomaru’s mouth returned to her lips, seeking out a kiss to silence her cries of pleasure.

The more he stroked her bundle of nerves, the more she writhed beneath him, her nails dragging along his skin. He couldn't understand why that pain made his heart race and his cock grow harder, but he didn't question it.

Sesshomaru took her bottom lip between his fangs, giving it a soft tug to earn a whimper from Kagome. He thrust his tongue into her mouth again, groaning at the feeling of her playing with him, her tongue equally enthusiastic.

Sesshomaru lightly pinched her clit, loving the way her body rippled with pleasure. Her thighs shook, but he knew it wasn't enough to get her off. His fingers moved further down, feeling her dripping sex. He coated his fingers in her juices, wishing he could taste her directly, but knowing he didn't want to risk it.

Though he was starting to forget why it was a risk, his lustful mind thinking of nothing but Kagome, blocking everything else out.

Sesshomaru pushed his two fingers in, feeling a slight resistance. He worked around her wet folds, encouraging her body to produce more of her natural juices. His fingers traced along her slit, his thumb gently rubbing against her clit.

Kagome moaned into his mouth, and he greedily swallowed it up. One of her hands moved to his hair, her nails raking against his scalp, almost as if she wanted him closer, but there was barely a sliver of space between their bodies.

One of Sesshomaru's fingers slipped into her sex, finding it was much easier to start with one. He felt her slick walls, rubbed her insides slowly. Kagome jerked in response, her legs coming up to hook around his knees to give him better access. 

"Yes," she gasped when she broke away for air, her head falling back as her eyes slammed shut. Sesshomaru watched in fascination, admiring the beautiful glow of sweat coating her skin. “S-Sesshomaru!"

He inserted another finger, feeling her body accommodating him this time, accepting the newest intrusion. Her core squeezed at him, causing his cock to throb painfully. 

His foggy mind made him lose touch with reality when he brought his two drenched fingers up, popping them into his mouth.

Sesshomaru groaned at the sweet flavor of her, his body burning with desire to taste more. He planted kisses on her neck and chest, working his way down to her generous breasts before latching onto a nipple, his wet fingers teasing the one left neglected.

Kagome cried out, her hips jumping to drag against his, her wetness smearing over his erection. She didn't stop, continuing her pleasurable assault, making both of their hearts race.

Sesshomaru pressed his palm against Kagome’s chest, right over her heart. It beat wildly from their play, her breathing turning ragged as she arched her back, pushing her breast closer to his mouth.

Sesshomaru gave her one last lick before continuing his adventure down, not realizing he was leaving Kagome’s top half exposed. He wasn't thinking, only wanting to taste more of her delicious flavor.

He dragged his nose through her dark curls before he reached her core, already smelling her arousal lingering in the air. Sesshomaru couldn't stop himself from flatting his tongue to run it along her slit, his head spinning from the sweet taste.

Kagome responded immediately, hips jumping to get him to do it again. Both of her hands were in his hair, her eyes still shut as she let Sesshomaru service her.

He grabbed her thighs before spreading them wider, giving him all the room he needed. Sesshomaru’s tongue dipped into her sex, his nose and chin smearing with wetness as he tried to go in deeper, seeing how far his tongue would reach. Kagome let out a hum of appreciation when he lapped up her juices, but she screamed his name when he sealed his lips around her clit, giving it a soft suck.

Deciding he loved that sound, he kept his lips there, two of his fingers thrusting into her body again. Kagome clamped around him as her thighs stiffened, her voice choked off as she struggled to say 'yes'.

Sesshomaru’s tongue began assaulting her bundle of nerves with increased urgency as his fingers fucked her faster, drawing out more needy noises from his beloved. She cried his name when he rubbed a particularly sweet spot inside her, her body shaking the longer he did it.

He felt her squeezing him repetitively, her hips jumping and her cries sounding more strained. Despite this, Sesshomaru kept going, wanting to see how much Kagome’s body could take. 

Sesshomaru took his mouth off of her long enough to say, "Come for me, Kagome." before he was licking her again.

Kagome’s hands fisted at his hair as she pulled him that much closer, threatening to drown him in her juices. If he had to die, he would consider it a great way to go. Sesshomaru’s fingers pumped in and out of her harder, hearing the wanton cries echoing around the room.

Sesshomaru felt her climax around his fingers, heard the scream of pleasure as he continued to lick her clit, drawing out her orgasm. Her entire body shook and stiffed as if it couldn't make up its mind. He moved his mouth down to her core, tasting the new wave of arousal. He didn't think it was possible, but she was sweeter after she came.

He ate her out like a starved man, his tongue occasionally going back to run over her clit, but most of his focus was trying to get as much of her juices in his mouth as possible. His fingers rubbed her inner walls slower than before until he pulled them out, deciding he wanted to play with her wet folds and entrance.

Kagome seemed to enjoy the change, letting out a whimper that made his cock bead with pre-cum. “Sesssho-maruuu! Y-Yes! Ahhhhh!"

Sesshomaru kept up his pace, slowly torturing her with pleasure. 

Sesshomaru felt Kagome’s body moving. He glanced in her direction, seeing she was now sitting up. One of her hands pet his hair while the other kept her supported, her voice sounding much closer than before as she mewled.

He loved the way she closed her eyes when he rubbed her sweet spot, or the way her lips parted when his tongue flickered against her clit. She was responsive, both verbally and physically. He took advantage of it, wanting to see all the different expressions his love could make.

Sesshomaru felt her body reacting the same way it had before her last climax. He kept his mouth over her sensitive nub, lips soaked from her natural juices. She tasted amazing, so much better than he ever thought possible.

Sesshomaru’s fingers pushed inside her to speed up the process, feeling her walls tightening and loosening as it prepared itself. He continued to thrust his fingers inside her as his tongue assaulted her clit, sending her running towards the edge before she came again.

“Sesshomaru!” she cried, hand gripping his hair almost painfully as her body shook, her chest heaving as she gasped for air.

He moved his mouth to her sex again, tasting her arousal. As much as he wanted to do that one more time, he couldn't wait. Kagome was dripping, her lower lips and inner thighs soaked with her juices. He had to have her now or he would lose himself to his beast.

Sesshomaru gently lowered Kagome on her back as he climbed up, sealing his lips over hers. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, letting her taste herself, wanting her to know why she drove him so crazy.

"You're delicious," he murmured against her lips, licking them before pushing his tongue back in. Sesshomaru reached down, grasping his cock, leaking with need.

Sesshomaru rubbed his cock against her wet folds, lubricating them with her arousal. Just that was pleasurable, so he couldn't imagine how good it would feel to be inside of her.

Kagome gasped when the head of his cock ran along her slit, then moaned when he touched her engorged bundle of nerves. He spent a minute just thrusting against her clit.

Sesshomaru guided his cock to her entrance, slowly pushing his way in. Her body accepted him with little resistance, letting him know he warmed her up enough. Her hands fell to his shoulders as he filled her up, his thick cock touching every inch of her as he moved in.

Sesshomaru was going to let her adjust to him, but her legs wrapped around his hips, heels digging into his butt to push him in further. She pulled away from his lips, her eyes just as cloudy as his as she begged. "Please, do it now."

He chuckled darkly his Miko was so eager he surmised as he stole another kiss from her, hips moving to pull himself out, only to thrust back in a second later. They moaned in unison as he spread her, pleasure thrumming through their joined bodies.

Sesshomaru rested his weight on one arm while using the other to cup Kagome’s face, his tongue playing with hers as his hips bucked, filling her again and again. He started slow a torturous movement, enjoying every second of their union before he felt himself speeding up, his body wanted more.

As their bodies tangled together and their passion grew, both lost themselves in their pleasure, no longer conscious of the outside world. Hell, Sesshomaru barely remembered his own name as she squeezed around his cock. If it weren't for her whimpering his name every few thrusts, he would have forgotten.

Sesshomaru’s mouth moved to her neck, sucking roughly at the sensitive skin. He left a bruising mark after running his sharp teeth over it, turning her pale skin an angry red. Kagome used her hand to guide him to another spot, wanting him to do the same.

Every one of his senses being filled the Killing Perfection had been undone by this small woman writhing underneath him. He felt her wrapped tightly around his cock, he heard her moans filling the air, he smelled her arousal from the wetness left on his nose, he tasted her salty skin when he bit her, and he saw her face whenever he went to mark another part of her body.

Sesshomaru almost smirked when he felt Kagome’s hands move to grab his ass, trying to get him to fuck her harder. He complied, wanting to satisfy any want and desire his Miko wished for. He bit at the swell of her breast before his lips covered a nipple, tongue lavishing the sensitive bud until she cried out for more.

"Please! H-harder!"

Sesshomaru obeyed, making sure not to hit the back of her core, not wanting to hurt her. What he did seemed to please her, her head falling back as a trickle of drool spilled from her lips. He loved watching her react, memorizing, and learning what she liked done to her.

Kagome squeezed around his cock, causing him to grunt. "hng," he moaned before lightly tugging at her nipple with his sharp teeth, careful not to accidentally cut her in the process. Her nails dug into his ass in response, making him repeat his actions, this time a little harder.

"Y-y-yes," Kagome whimpered, voice strained. "J-Just like that!"

Sesshomaru sucked at her nipple while his free hand trailed down her body, making its way directly to her clit. Kagome’s inner walls clamped tightly when he started to rub it, her body writhing with pleasure as he fucked her.

Kagome didn't bother hiding her cries of pleasure, her nails raking against his back to leave red welts. Sesshomaru thrust in faster, groaning for her to do it again.

He was so lost in his pleasure he almost didn't hear the sound of shuffling clothes. His brows furrowed as his mind tried to block out any sounds that weren't coming from himself or Kagome, but he couldn't do the same for that.

He looked up just in time to see a hand reaching towards Kagome’s breast, a mix between a snarl and a growl tearing from Sesshomaru’s throat as he glared at the owner of the hand, causing Naraku to jolt back.

"MINE!" Sesshomaru snapped, a burst of powerful youkai expelled from him as he glared at Naraku.

Byakuya raised his sword, looking as if he was ready to strike Sesshomaru with the blunt part for being disrespectful, but Naraku laughed it off, waving a hand. "I love it when they get like this. Coveting what they can't have."

Sesshomaru fucked into Kagome harder, not bothering to hide his growls. He had no intention of letting anyone else touch what was his. He would rather die than let that happen.

Kagome clawed at his back and shoulder blades, gasping for air and moaning his name. He went faster, moaning when her back started coming off the floor as she arched into him. Her hips bucked to meet his thrusts as she screamed, completely lost in the pleasure he was giving her.

“YES! Sesshomaruuu!”

Sweat dripped down her body from their heated passion, her chest quickly rising and falling as she struggled to regulate her breathing. Sesshomaru almost smirked down at her, loving the expressions she made, but a comment made from Byakuya had him wonder how many ways he could torture the man with his Dokkasou.

"Look at the way her breasts heave as he fucks her. Amazing."

Sesshomaru pulled out immediately, rolling Kagome onto her stomach before grabbing her ass. He spread her cheeks, revealing her glistening pussy for only his eyes to see. He pushed his way inside her hot, dripping core, thrusting into her once before he lowered himself, covering her body from those demons. He didn't want them to get more enjoyment out of this than they already had.

Sesshomaru moaned at the new position, Kagome was tighter than before from her legs being pushed together. He could go deeper, spreading her and filling her with his cock. 

Sesshomaru bit her shoulder, giving her another mark for people to see. Kagome was his Miko. He peppered her shoulder and back with sloppy kisses his saliva already reacting to the bite mark on her shoulder as he started to lose control, feeling the heat in his lower abdomen threatening to burn him from the inside out.

Kagome’s core started clenching around him, so he forced his hand underneath her, finding and rubbing at her engorged bundle of nerves. She didn't last long after that, coming around his cock with a violent shudder, his name falling from her lips as she cried out in pleasure.

Sesshomaru couldn't hold out much longer, feeling himself release inside of her a moment later, filling her to the brim with his hot seed. He moaned every time his cock spurted into her.

Keeping himself inside of her, basking in the peaceful feeling that spread over his body. He placed another kiss at Kagome’s shoulder, happy he finally claimed the woman he loved.

Just as Sesshomaru started to pull out, he heard a cry of pain. He jolted, thinking it was Kagome, but his eyes snapped over to the people around them when he heard another.

Blood dripped down the tip of the sword that ran through Byakuya throat. His hands weakly gripping at the blade before they fell lifelessly to his side.

Sesshomaru’s eyes widened as he looked up, seeing the person holding the sword was none other than one of his fellow slaves, Sango. The woman's eyes narrowed before she jerked her sword out, Byakuya’s body falling to the ground with an undignified thump.

Before Kagura could pull out her weapon, InuYasha was there swinging Tetsusaiga, hacking into the other woman's neck. Sesshomaru was stunned for a moment, mesmerized by the flow of blood that spurted from her neck, the woman's eyes darkening as she fell limp in her seat.

Sesshomaru’s eyes flitted to the remaining guards, all drawing their weapons to attack Sango. Before they could harm a single hair on her head, more slaves ran into the room, each armed with their own sword.

InuYasha sliced through one of Naraku’s incarnation’s chests, his amber eyes landing on the naked couple on the ground before he kicked the dead man off his sword. "What the fuck?! Get dressed!"

Sesshomaru pulled out of Kagome quickly, ignoring the way his cum trickled out of her spent core. He grabbed Kagome’s Kimono, draping it over her and kissing her on the head. Sesshomaru pulled his shorts on, grasping at the knife Kagome had concealed in her dress that had fallen to the ground.

He put the blade in her hands, grasping at her shoulder before he said, "I'm sorry." Before she could say anything back, Sesshomaru was handed a Bauksaiga from InuYasha to fight with. He took off, storming through the castle with his companions, killing anyone who posed a threat to their freedom.

While slaughtering the guards and higher-ups, Sesshomaru searched for his real prize. He noticed Naraku had slipped away during the 'show', but that didn't mean he had left the castle yet.

The battle was over before it started. The slaves attacked while everyone was off guard, earning them an easy victory. It took months to plan the perfect attack, waiting until Naraku came to visit the castle before striking so they could all take their revenge. It was a long wait, but it was worth it when Sesshomaru walked into the dungeon, finding the man who caused him so much torment kneeling on the ground.

Two slaves were holding swords to Naraku's throat, blood pouring from his stomach where one of them had stabbed him. Sesshomaru wanted to make him suffer slowly, but he knew he had to act fast or the man would bleed to death.

Sesshomaru dropped his sword, choosing to grab the blade by Naraku’'s feet, the one that had killed his family. A sadistic smile graced Sesshomaru’s lips as he lightly dragged the blade against Naraku’s throat. It was sharp, cutting into the man's flesh with little effort.

Naraku flinched in pain He placed the tip of the blade against Naraku’s chest, right over his heart. His voice was cold, almost unrecognizable as he said, "This is for slaughtering my kin, and for imprisoning my lands.”

Sesshomaru put all his strength into stabbing the blade through Naraku’s chest, piercing his heart. Blood poured from the wound, spurting onto Sesshomaru’s hand and arm. He didn't care. He was already covered in blood from the people he just killed.

Sesshomaru twisted the blade, watching as the light faded from Naraku's eyes. As much as he wanted to slit his throat, Sesshomaru wanted to face Naraku as he killed him.

Because Sesshomaru didn't want any chance of Naraku somehow recovering from that fatal wound, he stabbed at his chest a few more times, watching as the blood flow slowed down, signaling that Naraku’s heart had stopped beating.

Sesshomaru turned, walking away while the two slaves took their own revenge, hacking away at Naraku’s corpse. He wished them all the luck, realizing now that revenge didn't make him feel whole. He thought killing Naraku would make him better, but it didn't. 

Sesshomaru went to search for Kagome, finding her in their old bedroom. She was changed into one of his kimonos now, and she stared at a picture she had taken with one of her cameras from the future. It was their family before their imprisonment, Rin, Shippo, Kimi, InuYasha, Miroku and Sango’s family. 

"It’s over," Sesshomaru mumbled, wishing his hands weren't covered in blood so he could hold her.

He jolted when Kagome dropped the picture on the bed, the woman running up to wrap her arms around him. She apparently didn't care about the blood, seeking his warmth and comfort.

Sesshomaru embraced her, holding her tightly against him. she whispered, words sounding foreign to him. "We did it. We're free."

He gripped her tighter, body shaking as he tried to keep himself together, wanting to be strong for her. “This Sesshomaru could not prevent- I'm sorry I couldn't stop it sooner."

Kagome shook her head, her own voice shaky as she held back a sob. "We can't change what happened. We can only move forward."

Sesshomaru nodded, only taking a little comfort in her words. He pressed his nose into the crook over her shoulder, his tears wetting her skin. "I got my revenge," he said, his throat feeling tight and heart weighing heavily in his chest. The look in his softened hues told the small priestess everything.

‘It still hurts’

"I know," Kagome whispered, reaching up to run her fingers through his hair, trying to soothe him. "I know."

They overthrew the people who enslaved them, but they would never be the same after what they went through. Losing their family and their freedom had been hard on their souls and they would need time to heal.

"This one apologizes.," he confessed, referring to the incident in the throne room.

Kagome shook her head, pulling away a bit to look into his eyes. "I don't regret it," she whispered, her voice calming his pained heart. "I hope you don't regret it either."

Sesshomaru pulled her back to his chest, a few tears falling down his cheeks. "I don't." He wished it happened somewhere else when they were truly ready and had privacy, but he still enjoyed what they did because it was with Kagome, the woman he loved with every fiber of his being. So he stayed with her like that, holding her until his heartache turned numb in her embrace.


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