Foolishness by Aschente


A simple one-shot I did for a prompt on amino. I hope you enjoyed! The prompt was coffee!


A simple tradition, it all had started with a simple habit that had followed Kagome since her university years. 

A routine for most people who worked a nine to five job adapted to as-well.

Forcibly wake yourself up, check. Get dressed for the day, check. Morning cup of coffee, check. 

The bittersweet flavor of coffee had always left her in want for its nectar, almost every morning. 

She was a curator for a local museum in Tokyo, so she worked long hours identifying historical pieces brought in from across the world. 

Kagome loved the fact that her job reflected so well on her, after all, she HAD been a time-traveling Miko. 

“One Café Misto please,” Kagome said politely to Yuka. Her friend who was working a part-time job at their local cafe. Kagome often took advantage of the discounts her friend could offer her. 

Smiling, Yuka took her card and yelled at the other barista’s to manage the cashier while she made Kagome’s coffee.

“So hows the Feudal Era Japan display going?” Yuka asked her as she brewed the coffee.

Lately Kagome had been working later than usual, they had just received artifacts from Edo.

“Hm… It’s alright, we’ve gotten a few artifacts from Edo. Nothing showcase worthy though.” Kagome replied. She was hoping they’d receive some familiar swords she had once known in her teens. But the fates had not blessed her.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Yuka asked her curiously.

“I suppose, but I’m looking for something more historically appealing. Rather than scrolls and pottery.” Kagome replied wearily.

Kagome was desperate, they had received Kimonos, pottery, scrolls, art everything a historic curator like herself should be drooling over. Except she wasn’t, she longed for something from her haunting past of youkai battles. 

“Like weapons?” Yuka asked her. Finishing her friend’s order, she handed it to Kagome with a smile.

“Exactly!” Kagome smirked, bringing the drink up to her lips. 

Yuka winked at her before lackadaisically heading back to the register.

“Black coffee.” A smooth voice called past her. Kagome winced slightly as she connected the voice with whom she thought it belonged to. 

There was something familiar about the voice, it was cold and demanding, just as sure and proud as it had been all those years ago.

Hesitantly, Kagome looked up past her shoulder, a man with short black hair stood casually at the register.  He was faced away from her but she sucked in a shaky breath. 

He was strangely familiar to her, but perhaps it was her wishful thinking on her part. Along with her delusions of being sucked into the feudal era due to her work as of late.

Kagome had tried to dig up as much as possible on the Edo Japan and that included not just Inuyasha but his menacing brother as-well.

“Sesshomaru.” She mumbled testing the name upon her tongue, it felt nice to say the western lord’s name aloud. Liberating almost.

The man hadn’t turned around, he hadn’t even flinched as she whispered the deadliest name in history. After all, Sesshomaru’s name meant and served the DaiYoukai perfectly, the “killing perfection.”

Kagome let herself relax, releasing a shuddered breath she hadn’t known she’d been holding in. 

“Foolish,” Kagome whispered to herself, mentally slapping herself. 

She was foolish for thinking he’d turn around, this man couldn’t be the dangerous Inuyoukai from her past. He was gone, swept up with the tides of time and history.

With that, Kagome left the shop pleased and with a tad bit more nostalgia than what usually followed the woman. 

The stranger from the coffee shop, turned around just as the young woman had left, his eyes filled with curiosity and awe. 

“Foolish indeed Miko.” 


That's the end, I hope you enjoyed it was sort of short. Let me know if you'd like me to continue because I ended up dabbling and writing half of chapter 2.


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