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What happened?

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“Inuyasha, watch out!”

Kagome shouts at the top of her lungs when she sees a spell being cast towards her best friend, by a witch-youkai they had engaged in battle with only moments before. Unfortunately, Inuyasha wasn’t fast enough to move out of the way and got hit by the spell. A blinding light explodes from Inuyasha’s body causing everyone to cover their eyes.

 As the light recedes, Kagome quickly rushes towards his fallen body, while the others take a defensive stance towards the witch’s body. To their shock, her body was slowly eroding away in the form of burnt flowers signaling her death. Finding it safe to turn towards their fallen friend, Sango and Miroku quickly rush towards the two, worried that their comrade was in trouble.

“Lady Kagome, how is Inuyasha?”

Miroku can clearly see the shock on his dear friend’s face which caused him worry.

Kagome, too shocked to say anything, pulls away the top layer of her beloved friend’s clothing to reveal to all a pair of children curled into each other asleep. One with their grumpy hanyou’s flowing silver hair. The other with jet black hair, similar to that of his human form on the night of the new moon. 

Shippo trying to understand what it is that happened to him. Cautiously walks forward while taking a few sniffs of the air. His little nose wiggling at the action.

“Mama, what happened to him? Is he ok?”

Snapping out of her state of shock, Kagome looked at her adopted son and sighed. She vaguely knew what happened, but she didn’t want to voice it. Hesitantly she raised a barrier around the group that would keep the conversation from curious ears, and looked around at everyone’s face.

“The witch placed a spell on Inuyasha. I’m not sure what it is, but it has split his hanyou blood.”

Everyone realized, after she said those words, that now in front of them was Inuyasha as two separate children. 

“The inu demon” She said while pointing at the small silver haired boy, 

“and the human boy” she ended while pointing at the black-haired child next to the other. 

Shippou took a deep breath near Inuyasha. He was curious about what he found in his scent. Even though, as his mama said, he had been split into two and made a child, it was purely by chance. The magic used was dark and powerful and judging by how old the demon was, it shouldn’t have had such an outcome. There was a lingering smell that he couldn’t place, but he knew that smell shouldn't be there. Something went wrong when the witch had casted the spell, but there were too many possibilities as to what.

 ‘So that's what happened’ 

He smiled at kagome, a foxy smile he often gave when he knew something the others didn’t. 

“Mama, I think I know what happened to inuyasha!” He declared while puffing out his chest and standing up straight. 

At his declaration Kagome and the others looked at him with both surprise and slight understanding. 

Sango went from looking at the two children to looking at shippo and asking what was on her mind, 

“Was what the witch did similar to kitsune magic?”

 Miroku looked thoughtful using his reiki to feel the aura around the children, “But it's different, more powerful and dark.” 

Shippou nodded and sat down.

“Magic is not definite, nor is it always a sure thing. You have to practice it constantly to get it right and you must be mindful of what you're thinking.”  

Kagome looked at the two boys, “so she was thinking of tearing inuyasha apart?” 

Shippou nods again “yeah but what she must have been thinking was off. Or else he would have been torn into two pieces.”  

Kagome nodded and gave a thoughtful look, she lowered the barrier and started gathering her stuff which had been scattered when the fight had begun.

“We need to leave and set up camp somewhere else. Hopefully this ‘spell’ can be reversed.”

Sango looked at shippou, “do you know if it could be undone?”

He shook his head. 

“I'm not sure.” He replied while Looking down at the ground, he kicked a pebble that was in front of him to keep from looking up at the adults. 

Kagome knew what that look on his face meant.

 ‘His parents hadn't taught him that yet….’ 

She picked him up and rubbed her cheek against his. 

Hoping to comfort him she said, 

“looks like you’re going to have a couple of playmates for awhile.” 

Shippou sat back in her arms in order to look her in the face and smiled, 

“yeah! Hide and seek or tag will be fun!” and whispered only for her to hear,

“Thank you mama”

He knew that she was trying to make him feel better. 

Kagome noticed miroku had been mostly silent. ‘Perhaps he knows more about this ...but he would have said something if he did. Maybe someone he knows has knowledge of this type of spell.’ Kagome yawned slightly as they searched for a safe clearing which was InuYasha’s usual job. 

‘That can wait till morning. Let’s set up camp for now….’



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