LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 1) - Mon 03 Jun 2019

Oh yeah he needs the crap beat out of him

Lady Lyris (Chapter 1) - Sat 04 Oct 2014

Thanks for making me laugh! :) I'm sure my neighbors now think there's an witch living in the apartment complex what with all the cackling I did. Truly, I do cackle! Your story was short and sweet, and I loved the ending! 

Samara (Chapter 1) - Tue 20 May 2014

Oh my... that was... hahaha... I can't believe he... ROTFLOL...



~*Lady Storm*~ (Chapter 1) - Sun 18 May 2014

Ok, that was amusing and had me giggling.  Thanks for the pick me up.  Loved it!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 May 2014

This was cool and funny!

bookgirl813 (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 May 2014

That was marvelous.  I give you a lot of credit not only for having written it, but the courage to post it.  Absolutely hilarious.

I love good crack like this.

Nicole (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 May 2014

Success! It made me laugh like crazy this morning! :D

Mz Taisho Sama (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 May 2014
Buahahahahahaha.....OMG!!! Lord I laughed a little to hard, I think I just woke up my neighbors, but this is amazing. I really REALLY enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!!!! :-) ( inuyasha RUN FOR YA LIFE!!!!)

Aiko-san (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 May 2014

Wow... I was not expecting that. Bahaha

I was super interested... Like reading quite seriously, on a mission if you will... And then this happened....

“You da hottest bitch I’ve seen,” he read from a wrinkled sheet of notebook paper.

 that was so funny! I tend to read things on a serious note, but this is absolutely hilarious. Great job with this. Sesshomaru was so awkward. I could completely picture it going down as well... With kagome sitting there with wide eyes ... a confused look Plastered upon her face... Like, "is he high?"
ugh, fantastic!



Sienna69 (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 May 2014

Hahaha. That was really funny.


Serena530 (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 May 2014

LOL!!!!!!!!  So funny! :D

NicoRavenPen (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 May 2014

~~LMAO!! That was AWESOME! Totally Lol'd! XD

farie_insignias (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 May 2014

Unbelievably hilarious! Just the thought of Sesshoumaru deadpan reading those lyrics made my life. lmao. What a brilliant idea! It was such a fun story and I love the fact that everyone still managed to stay in character. Top notch job!

TKE (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 May 2014


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