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zodiak023 (Chapter 10) - Sat 19 Dec 2020

Oh my gawd this is soooo sad????!?!?!?!

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 10) - Sun 20 Sep 2020

This broke my heart! I have the ugliest tear streaked face right now but man, oh man. This was unique, painful but so beautifully written! Damn that Naraku. He just truly refused to die. Beautiful writing as always!

Natalia (Chapter 9) - Thu 11 May 2017

Beautiful piece even if it lacked romance it's a gem! I enjoyed it very much! Thx for sharing!

Lazurite (Chapter 10) - Wed 17 Jun 2015

That was really good. But sad too. I liked it.

FayeMegan (Chapter 10) - Fri 22 May 2015

Oh my gawd. Much tears. Not what I was expecting but I wouldn't change it. 

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 10) - Tue 19 May 2015

I cried there at the end. :(

Very well written and the character portrayals are excellent!! 

Sally (Chapter 10) - Mon 18 May 2015

awesome story, well written

Akoq (Chapter 10) - Sun 17 May 2015

sesshoumaru die !!!

It cannot be help is it.?

(cry a river)

Angel's Wings (Chapter 10) - Sun 17 May 2015

This was a nice story but a sad one at the end, though he did die an honorable death. I do understand his motives though, to be the last without any knowledge of the world and with infinite time on your hands is not something one would like to have. She did offer him a chance to go on to heaven and meet with all those who were lost to him.... Nice but it had me crying I tell you.

l'-'jj (Chapter 9) - Wed 31 Dec 2014

This fic is brilliant

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 9) - Sun 16 Nov 2014

Wonderful, keep it coming

Kae (Chapter 9) - Sun 16 Nov 2014

YES! Another chapter! and just as beautiful as all the others! Worth the wait, thank you!

Ariel (Chapter 9) - Sun 16 Nov 2014

So happy to see the update! I went back to the beginning and re-read everything to remind myself what a good story this is. I really love your portrayal of the characters, including Myoga and Hojo. Honestly though, the moments of platonic friendship between Kagome and Sesshoumaru kind of leaves something to be desired if it's already one chapter until the end. Buuuuut the pace is admittedly sensible~ I have a feeling the ending will be angsty. Can't wait for the final chapter!

Eve (Chapter 8) - Tue 29 Apr 2014

This so good! Please update again soon!


LoveAndFaith (Chapter 8) - Tue 29 Apr 2014

Cool, keep it coming.

marisel (Chapter 8) - Tue 29 Apr 2014

even though the plot is taking you to'the dark side, the story is inerestingl  i do enjoy diferent twist in bringing to lfe these characters.  my hat t you.

Fallingyuki (Chapter 8) - Tue 29 Apr 2014

That was super intense. I mean I wasn't expecting this to progress the way they did.  I guess I should have expected a closeness to blossom between the two but I might have thought later rather then sooner? I'm confusing myself.  I can believe that Naraku would attempt to offer Sesshoumaru Rin like that.  And that the offer would be considered for a brief moment. It was right? I wasn't imagining that part had I? Man, this story is so complicated.  I worry for them both and know that not all happily ever afters happen but i sure hope that that is the case in this story. So much angst

kaoruhana (Chapter 8) - Tue 29 Apr 2014

I liked the emotions in this chapter.  What I mean is, I liked the way the two interacted and the way you described how they felt.  Oh and Rin's soul.  I hope he makes the right decision, even if he will be sad afterward.  Look forward to reading more :)

Ana (Chapter 8) - Tue 29 Apr 2014

He will not do it right? o.O right???? 

Thanks for the uptade! <3 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 7) - Tue 15 Apr 2014

Great, keep it coming. 

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