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SmilingFool (Chapter 84) - Mon 12 Jul 2021

Oh that was good..  Poor Shippo just about had a heart attack....  lol

SmilingFool (Chapter 83) - Sat 10 Jul 2021

LOL  that was too good....  Boy is Koga screwed up or what haa haa oh haa more ha haa's...  At least they kept quiet about what transpired between Kagome and Sesshomaru...  Now it's up too Kagome to fix herself...  pun intended..  lol this was too good.

SmilingFool (Chapter 82) - Thu 08 Jul 2021

He finally understands...  dare I say he wants more?  Oh yes...  So good update soon.

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 81) - Tue 06 Jul 2021

This story is just too amazing...I can't even deal!! And your comedic timing is pure GOLD!! Ugh, I can't wait to read the rest of this!

farie_insignias (Chapter 81) - Sat 07 Nov 2020

I remember reading this story when it was originally posted! I'm so happy to see it back and I'm excited to know that you'll be working on it again! It's always fun imagining Kagome's reactions expressed by Sesshoumaru. And I'm loving all the layers of subterfuge that are transpiring. Poor Shippo doesn't realize why his Kagome impersonation is failing so spectacularly.

Jade (Chapter 80) - Thu 29 Oct 2020

This is amazing! I just ADORE the interactions! 

susie (Chapter 81) - Thu 29 Oct 2020

now you got me thinking about his stripes.  and now kags knows the answer to his secret question too lol.  thanks for the update, looking forward to the next =)

Faith (Chapter 80) - Wed 23 Sep 2020

I am definitely enjoying how funny this is, but also the serious moments and character growth are great contrasts to the humour.

susie (Chapter 80) - Wed 02 Sep 2020

oh sh*t!  i never even considered shippo's shape shifting!  lol.  i can't wait to see what comes of that XD  

Kae (Chapter 79) - Wed 19 Aug 2020

BWAHAHAHA! I finally got the chance to catch up on this and I'm so happy I did! Thank you so much for giving me a smile that stayed on my face every time I remembered this!

bookgirl813 (Chapter 79) - Fri 07 Aug 2020

Uh oh. What will Shippo do?  That has all the makings of trouble!


susie (Chapter 79) - Fri 07 Aug 2020

oh, i wonder what shippo is going to learn, or if he is just going to cause trouble lol.

Discord (Chapter 11) - Thu 06 Aug 2020

Hahaha!!  This premise is SO fun and inventive!  Kagome waking up to her discovery was particularly attention-grabbing. Love the story so far!  It's really well-written too, except the 'his' and 'her' references with the apostrophes is starting to get a bit distracting.  I hope they slacken soon. We can totally understand who's really talking without them.

susie (Chapter 78) - Thu 06 Aug 2020

hey, i'll roll with ya =)  lol at chronically unamused sesshoumaru.  its cute that he wants to keep what he got with his brother going, enough to beg kagome, too.  he's got to be gaining some trust in her.  now what's gonna happen??  

Shastuhh (Chapter 77) - Tue 04 Aug 2020

Your like a comedy genius! You never fail at having me laughing out loud. I love this story! 

susie (Chapter 77) - Tue 04 Aug 2020

oh no, he figured it out!  man, naraku's pretty quick on the uptake XD  hows he gonna use this against them, i wonder??  also, both the images of naraku and 'sesshoumaru' being humiliated made me lol.

Shastuhh (Chapter 76) - Mon 03 Aug 2020

Bahahaha! I love that this story has the ability to continuously make me laugh out loud ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? 

bookgirl813 (Chapter 76) - Mon 03 Aug 2020

Oh goodness, that's evil. I hope we get to see this all transpire from 'Kagome's' perspective. 

susie (Chapter 76) - Mon 03 Aug 2020

woah!!  That was NOT what I was expecting!  LOL.  

but i was wondering when our villains would show to reveal their plans XD  i can't wait to see how this unfolds.  

Shastuhh (Chapter 25) - Sun 02 Aug 2020

Ohh my god I did not expect that at all, "because you smell like ass" goodness i laughed for about 5 min straight 

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