Reviews for Longing by NicoRavenPen

KShadeslady (Chapter 1) - Wed 07 Jan 2015

Oh, sniff...that was good. So glad he found her again. I have always believed in reincarnation though I am catholic. There are some that are simply old souls. So glad he found his soul mate again. Sigh...

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Tue 21 Jan 2014

sometimes alerts suck because i never get the alert for chapter 1, so i JUST found this fic! its sad but i like it! i also like that while he see's her soul he wants to get to to know Tori not as Kagome. i could see this going in so many ways if you made it longer. it'd be a great angsty/drama/romance if so, either way love it!

Starfyre (Chapter 1) - Sun 01 Dec 2013

Love it!


Rhonda (Chapter 1) - Sat 30 Nov 2013

This is hauntingly beautiful..... please do continue.

jenineji (Chapter 1) - Sat 30 Nov 2013


KEdakumi (Chapter 1) - Fri 29 Nov 2013

So sweet, I love this story.

thumper (Chapter 1) - Fri 29 Nov 2013


bookgirl813 (Chapter 1) - Fri 29 Nov 2013

Sweet and poingnant.  Loved it.

ruth (Chapter 1) - Fri 29 Nov 2013

Ahhhhh almost make me cry :'(, but in the end i feel happy for sesshou to find his "kagome" again :D.

I just can't imagine how very protective sesshou become when this "kagome" or tori actually become his mate again, maybe he will never leave her alone anytime :D.

Hope u will continue this story not just one chapter shot :D

Thank you

Fyrelilly (Chapter 1) - Fri 29 Nov 2013

GAH!! I didn't see that it was a one shot!! ....Well that's sad, I had hoped for more :(

Luna C. (Chapter 1) - Fri 29 Nov 2013

This was so sad! Even though she was reincarnated, I was still upset that Kagome died! I loved this little one-shot, good job!

Fyrelilly (Chapter 1) - Fri 29 Nov 2013

Well written and original!  I look forward for more :)

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