Reviews for Lost by cakeiton

Michele_Lei (Chapter 1) - Mon 15 Feb 2021

Beautifully well-worded!  I can literally taste Sess’ drab, lifeless, and impotent existence in the modern era. I thought this sentence was not only poignantly beautiful but very indicative of Sess' frame of mind:"Sesshoumaru was trapped in the winter of his mind, where flowers no longer grew wild and Rin's song died with the memories of better times".

Just when we think Sess is about to sing his own swan song before being swallowed up in a life of dull drudgery...he has a chance encounter with Kagome and is re-invigorated by it.  

Such a simple plot but so well done!  Bravo! 

Voracious (Chapter 1) - Sat 09 Mar 2013

Ooooo! It promises of good things to come...Will there be a sequel for this? It'll be a lovely addition to this, in case you do decide to go for it.


sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Sun 06 Jan 2013

o.o i demand more! seriosuly you cant leave it there!

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