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Terri (Chapter 17) - Wed 11 Mar 2020

I found this story to be very interesting and I am wondering when you will update to the next chapter. I am hoping to see a stronger Kagome.  I can't wait to see more sesshomaru and Kagome. Nor can I wait for the reunion of Kagome and Shippo. Please update soon!

Terri (Chapter 17) - Thu 10 Oct 2019

Very interesting story. I hope you add more chapters soon. I can not wait to read how this comes out and how Kagome and Sesshomaru. Please update soon

The Letter Keeper (Chapter 17) - Mon 21 Nov 2016


I'm going through all my favorites and re-reading them and I went through yours again and I was reminded why I loved it so much. I hope you are doing well!

I enjoy your story so much and I love the developement between your characters. Honestly I'm more interested in everything going on with the main three than anything else. The group dynamic is entertaining and I'm especially interested to see how Sesshomaru deals with things.

Anyway, just thought I'd tell you how much I liked your story and beg a little for you to come back and feed my obsession. :)

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Leaora (Chapter 17) - Wed 13 Apr 2016

I think you bleed awesomeness. Please update soon!!!

Eva (Chapter 17) - Tue 12 Apr 2016

I'm new to this tale so I'll jump right in. I like the premise. At first the changes in perspectve were surprising, but it's working out very well. I believe I understand what happened to Mamoru. At first I was unclear about Kagome's dream, but I have a theory on that too. What a very scary thought.

Please don't feel bad about updating. It's not as if you are being paid to produce on a deadline. Your care and feeding come before the pleasure of writing. I'm looking forward to seeing how this all unwinds and which version of time travel you suscribe to. Somehow I think that this is a closed loop and what happens was meant to be.

The Letter Keeper (Chapter 17) - Mon 11 Apr 2016

Ah! Omg. I am so happy you have updated again! Yay! I'm really interested to learn more about ho Sesshomaru and Kagome's relationship will unfold despite the obvious (it is dokuga after all). Not to mention now a days I get so annoyed with Sesshomaru being so high and mighty. Is it bad that I enjoy him being brought down to our level? *insert evil laugh here*

Anywhoo, I'm glad to see your update in my inbox and I can't wait for the next one. In your note at the bottom, did you mean you have the whole story finished or just the next few chapters?

insomniac_amy (Chapter 17) - Thu 05 Mar 2015

I was so happy to see you update this even if it has been almost 2 years. I'll admit that I need to go back and re-read all of it.

I'm glad that Kagome and Inuyasha have made up. I like stories where he's the bad guy, but I love the ones where they are friends. I enjoyed Inuyash taking about his son and hope that as he and Kagome rekindle thier friendship that he will share more. Of course I'm really looking forward to more Sesshoumaru.

Great job Cake!!

Kula (Chapter 17) - Fri 27 Feb 2015

Love this story, can't waiy for your next chapter.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 17) - Mon 23 Feb 2015

So late and good chapter, keep it coming. Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 17) - Mon 23 Feb 2015

Always good to see a fic not abandoned -no matter HOW long it takes! Thanks so much for coming back!

Interesting chapter. I like how you worked in the training without getting too detailed but gave a fair sense of the effort.

Thanks for writing!

insomniac_amy (Chapter 16) - Wed 24 Oct 2012

I LOVED the update!!! It was so long.. I love the interaction between Kagome and Sesshoumaru. It really cracks me up. As always you've left me with more questions than answers. LOL  Great job Cake!

Sorry it took me so long to read and review. I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm very curious how Sesshoumaru knows about Shippo.

lustchantay (Chapter 16) - Mon 15 Oct 2012

So happy this got updated!  I had to start from the beginning to refresh my memory.  Sounds like there is going to be a lot of action and adventure to come, can't wait!!  Thanks!

Silverfurred (Chapter 16) - Mon 15 Oct 2012

Oi. i love how i start and catch up the CHAPTER it actually starts. -____- *sigh* Oh well. I guess I'll have to wait just like everbody else. On a different note, great start for your first fanfic! Well written, nearly nonexistant grammatical errors and a rockin' plot. And you didn't have Sesshoumaru and Kagome jump each other within the first 5 chapters! (Not that there's anything wrong with just would have seemed very wrong with the pace that you are moving our story at.) But anyways....i love it. ^_^ Can't wait to read more!



LoveAndFaith (Chapter 16) - Sun 14 Oct 2012

I'm glad your back, it's been nine months since you updated. Where have you been? Great chapter, keep it coming.

insomniac_amy (Chapter 15) - Mon 23 Jan 2012

Happy Dance!!! What a fabulous update. Some questions answered, but many new ones to replace them. This is turning out to be a great mystery. I wonder what happened during the time that Sesshoumaru and Kagome were trapped within the well? It looks like Sesshoumaru isn't eager to share the details.

I almost feel sorry for Inuyasha. Torn between his desire for intimacy and his struggle to remain faithful to Kagome.  It was nice to find out what really happened between him and Kira.

This chapter was so worth the wait. I am looking forward to future updates. Great chapter Cake, please keep them coming :D

Venita (Chapter 15) - Mon 23 Jan 2012

Love the story, please update soon.

Saraniya (Chapter 15) - Mon 23 Jan 2012

Awesome update! It clears up a lot of things that I was in suspense over. 

insomniac_amy (Chapter 14) - Mon 12 Sep 2011

This chapter was so good! So much happening. I just want to beat the crap out of Inuyasha for betraying Kagome, but then again I'm worried about what has happened to cause him to not come back through the well.

Sesshoumaru can be such an ass. LOL  I liked when Sesshoumaru said “Together, miko. We will do this mission together.” Looks like the scroll was forcing him to work with a mere human whether he wanted to or not.

So the evil miko's used Inuyasha's own son to start the war with the youkai and will likely force him to fight on thier side. I have a feeling that Mamuro is Anka. Guess I will have to wait to find out :)

Thanks for another great chapter and I can't wait for the next one.

SashaMarie (Chapter 13) - Mon 08 Aug 2011

Please update soon. I cant wait to read about what happens next.

insomniac_amy (Chapter 13) - Mon 08 Aug 2011

This chapter was so good. I think it was important for Kagome and Inuyasha to work out most of thier problems before they go back.  Haha Sesshoumaru is too funny. It's almost like he's straddling the fence on how he feels about Kagome. Then at the end where he is watching about the World War on TV and already planning on how he can compete against such an attack.

I wonder if Kagome is going to be able to get in touch with Anka before she leaves and if so will he warn her about what might be going to happen. I really feel like he knows. I also kinda have a feeling that she will be meeting a much younger Anka in the past. 

Thanks for the awsome chapter and I am really looking forward to the next one!

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