Reviews for Hexed by Acb6293

cristinPacheco8 (Chapter 5) - Sat 04 Nov 2023

Una historia corta pero intensa me gusta

cristinPacheco8 (Chapter 4) - Thu 02 Nov 2023

Me gusta esta historia siguela pronto

SmilingFool (Chapter 4) - Mon 30 Oct 2023

LOL no stopping now.....  Thank you for a wonderful chapter loved it...

SmilingFool (Chapter 3) - Sat 28 Oct 2023

Wow Sesshomaru finally decided, oh yeah and Kagome is happy with it...  Inu Yasha had his chance of courting Kagome but his heart and mind lingered on Kikyo to often that he often left the group alone.  Well can't wait to see how the group reacts to the courting couple...  

SmilingFool (Chapter 2) - Thu 26 Oct 2023

So hot, one cannot look away when they are lost within each other....

Azuraskye21 (Chapter 2) - Thu 26 Oct 2023

ooooh I am intrigued, please update soon.

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