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Ss (Chapter 1) - Mon 20 Nov 2023

Wow didn't expect this the passion happened so fast usually I'm adverse to that but it's done tastefully! Hes courting while fufilling the 

Agreement unbeknownst to him! I think where this could progress where we see huge character development or jump to complete intimacy 

is where he visits her in her home at night simple to "sleep " as he first thought initially in the beginning of the chapter 

So no sex involved just sleep conversation and being vulnerable with unveiling who the enigma of Sesshomaru is I think that's a huge 

direction towards him acknowledging he wants more and that he won't be able to part easily even if it becomes just an arrangement it will be a very looooooooooonnng one perhaps till she ages if it doesn't progress beyond this.

Honestly it would be nice to see a fic where he accepts her mortality and the fact that she will age and die she doesn't always need to be immortal we need to accept that humans age and die and he's no God regardless of how we paint him so some reality would be nice just my opinion even for a future fic if not this one! 

L-desu (Chapter 13) - Mon 20 Nov 2023

DUDE! I almost had a heart attack thinking Sess had a secret wife and kids! LMAO

KShadeslady (Chapter 13) - Mon 20 Nov 2023

That's a interesting addition and twist to his story. I love this new addition to his family. 

Kathy (Chapter 13) - Sat 18 Nov 2023

Sesshomaru Is honestly the best

Young Kagome (Chapter 12) - Thu 26 Oct 2023

Look at him romancing her lol

Azuraskye (Chapter 12) - Thu 12 Oct 2023

Well...that was on heck of a picnic lol

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 12) - Tue 10 Oct 2023

Yesssssssssssssssss! I love how their 'coupling' has so much personality involved. The witty banter, the reactions, them both acknowleding there's certain acts they havent done but giving it a try. Love it!

Kathy (Chapter 12) - Mon 09 Oct 2023

Excellent chapter! And as always I'm super jealous of Kagome. 

cristinPacheco8 (Chapter 12) - Mon 09 Oct 2023

A mi me gustaria que terminaras primero los que tienes antes de empezar otra pero se que arás lo que quieras,no me malinterpretes me gustan todas tus historias, pero la cabeza se me hace un lio con tan buenas historias y me gustaria ver el final de alguna

KShadeslady (Chapter 12) - Sun 08 Oct 2023

That was amazing! Thank you so much for updating. Looking forward to the new update on You and Me After All. That story is also wonderful. 

MaivenTahl (Chapter 12) - Sun 08 Oct 2023

I just realized something, they have had mad crazy good sex, but haven't even kissed yet...


OoooOOooo...I can't wait to see where those train of thoughts go! 

MrsAeddicus (Chapter 12) - Sun 08 Oct 2023

Whoooooo hot hot hot! You are excellent with your descriptions!

Kathy (Chapter 11) - Sun 24 Sep 2023

Are we still talking about food?

Kagome is so lucky! 

I hope they both enjoy that feast

KShadeslady (Chapter 11) - Fri 08 Sep 2023

Wow! He definitely went all out for that picnic. I'm thinking he's going to nibble on much more than that food. His beast must be going nuts  Lovely chapter. 

MaivenTahl (Chapter 11) - Thu 07 Sep 2023


KShadeslady (Chapter 10) - Tue 05 Sep 2023

This was such a perfect retelling of their shared romp. The possessive growl was a great addition. Warning everyone off is just the start. Looking forward to the picnic. 

MaivenTahl (Chapter 10) - Mon 04 Sep 2023

OMG please tell me she tries to get him to eat human food, feeds him by hand, and he finds it incredibly erotic because some sort of youkai instinctual habit, or inu habit to feed or supply for their partners. 

OMG this fanfic makes my heart pound so fast when you post, I couldn't wait to get home from work to read it. Again, love how you portray Sesshoumaru in this fic and appreciate again seeing his point of view alongside Kagomes.

Chef's kiss as always!!!!

Rayen (Chapter 10) - Mon 04 Sep 2023

What a delicious chapter. I can feel the anticpation in the air.... can't wait to see what a picinic brings.

Buttercream (Chapter 10) - Mon 04 Sep 2023

Ha Ha.  Sesshomaru had let out a warning growl for the other men in the area

Kathy (Chapter 9) - Sun 03 Sep 2023

Kagome is so lucky!!!

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