Jessie (Chapter 1) - Mon 05 Sep 2022

Lmfao that was great

Zauberer di Vent (Chapter 1) - Mon 08 Aug 2022

Yes, you are hawt Sesshoumaru and I wir not forget this hahaha

Hai (Chapter 1) - Wed 03 Aug 2022

Such a nice breezy one shot. Also very very thanks for the warning. I'm sure people appreciate it.

REDWOLF (Chapter 1) - Sun 31 Jul 2022

I wish there was more to this fic.

KShadeslady (Chapter 1) - Fri 15 Jul 2022

LMAO! A drunk Kagome is a very funny Kagome! Poor Seeing! To have is bottom assaulted in such a demeaning manner! LOLOLOL! I think he may have actually enjoyed it...just a tiny bit! Love how Inuyasha came and hauled her off. That was fun! 

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