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Amai (Chapter 3) - Sat 25 Nov 2023

Incredible plot furthering and character development pace. The details are just right. I am adding this fic to my favorites for sure. Please update soon. I cant wait for Kagome to realize her potential and display it for the courtiers. Sesshoumaru doesnt acknowledge it but hes been a goner since the first fight where she bled for him and he felt guilty for it.


What does shippo know now which we dont ?!? Aaah





Amai (Chapter 2) - Sat 25 Nov 2023

Wow. Where have you been ?!

This is well written and definetly thrilling. Cant wait to read more.

Amai (Chapter 1) - Sat 25 Nov 2023

Different and intriguing. Hope u finish this fic. It reads good.

Smortz (Chapter 3) - Fri 24 Nov 2023

Oh this is a fun plot! I love it and look forward to more chapters. :)

Masque (Chapter 3) - Fri 24 Nov 2023

You are a skilled author and I love this storyline! I love how you've fashioned a Kagome who is becoming skilled, strong, intelligent, and someone that Sesshomaru can truly admire and respect even more. I look forward to reading even more from you!

zodiak023 (Chapter 3) - Sat 18 Nov 2023

this story is so captivating! im am on the edge of my set and wanting to know what Kagome actually is now if she isnt fully human anymore? maybe an elemental? hmm, at least that is my guess with the way you described the scent Shippo picked up from her. please continue this and soon, i cant wait for more opponents in the contest and if Kagome and Sesshomaru wind up together.

Yasmine (Chapter 3) - Sat 18 Nov 2023

Great story! I can't wait till till sesshoumaru realises his feelings. Maybe he'll start feelings jealous when he sees kagome and his guard get closer or something.. hmmm. I wonder what his mum said also. Can't wait for the next chapter! 

Blue (Chapter 3) - Fri 17 Nov 2023

Its great having you back. The chapter didn't disappoint. Can't wait until you start updating all of your stories. 

REDWOLF (Chapter 2) - Sun 06 Mar 2022

I hope you find the time to update soon.  I understand what it means to be a teacher, because I am a retired teacher.  Finding time to do any hobbies is hard. Actually,  I found putting a little time back for myself made teaching more exciting . I hope to see a new chapter soon. Enjoy yourself teaching. 

James1996 (Chapter 2) - Tue 11 Jan 2022

Great so far, I look forward to reading more in the future.

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 2) - Mon 10 Jan 2022

Love the way you're going about this concept, and the fact that there's more coming together then pulling a part from the characters. Inuyasha and Sessh especially. Also, you're allowing Kagome to grow without constant unnecessary coddling and from that view point, I can literally see how Sesshomaru's opinion of her could have room to grow and blossom, because she has room to really find and be herself. Also, her guard is hot. And I have hopes that her new ice inu friend might get the hots for Inuyasha, just saying lol Excited for whats next!

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 2) - Mon 10 Jan 2022

Yasss!! Kagome is... Amazing!

SammyJams (Chapter 2) - Fri 31 Dec 2021

I gobbled these two chapters up! I'm very much enjoying your original characters as well! Can't wait to read more. 

SamiB (Chapter 2) - Wed 29 Dec 2021

This was an amazing chapter! I loved the fight scene and the fact that not all potential mates are gold diggers is so refreshing! Cant wait to see what happens next!

HiJudeau (Chapter 1) - Wed 29 Dec 2021

Oooo, this story definitely caught my eye, waiting patiently for the new chapter....

hw (Chapter 2) - Wed 29 Dec 2021

This was an excellent chapter! So glad for the update and looking forward for the next one. Great choice to not make all of Kagome's opponents fame hungry money grubbers. It adds more to the overall story and to each of the battles. 

Happy holidays!

MrsAeddicus (Chapter 1) - Wed 29 Sep 2021

I'm fascinated! I would love to know more about the tournament & see Kagome kick butt!

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 1) - Wed 04 Aug 2021

Oh! It was a very interesting first chapter. I like it.

hw (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Jun 2021

Oooh, this is a great start to this story! Can't wait to see how things play out in upcoming chapters!

Natalia (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Jun 2021

Good one, thanks. will eagerly wait for updates.

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