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PinkSakura (Chapter 169) - Tue 17 May 2022

Hi! Hope everything is OK. Just checking. 

Young Kagome (Chapter 169) - Sun 15 May 2022

Love this! Can't wait to see where it goes! Please update soon! 

Sandra Sirake (Chapter 169) - Tue 10 May 2022

Hola me encanta tu historia pero por favor no dejes de actualizar, la espero con ansias y hace mucho que no actualizas se te extraña..

PinkSakura (Chapter 168) - Thu 21 Apr 2022

Welcome back! Of course we missed you! Thanks for the update, will wait to see what happens. 

Alexandria Biedron (Chapter 167) - Thu 07 Apr 2022

That's kagome for ya, always doing the unexpected 

PinkSakura (Chapter 166) - Thu 31 Mar 2022

Woah, so she could understand adults as well(?). Thank you for the update! 

docsgirl4 (Chapter 166) - Thu 31 Mar 2022

Very cute scene :)

PinkSakura (Chapter 165) - Sun 27 Mar 2022


SmilingFool (Chapter 165) - Sat 26 Mar 2022

That was cute....  well the deed is done and they are now truly mates and it seems their pup found his way back to them....  lol

docsgirl4 (Chapter 165) - Fri 25 Mar 2022

Welcome back! Very cute chapter...realistic too...the pup is probably thinking dad has had mom long enough :) also, great imagery of Kagome laying on that magnificent chest

PinkSakura (Chapter 164) - Mon 21 Mar 2022

Please, please, plese?

PinkSakura (Chapter 164) - Sun 06 Mar 2022

Finally together without doubts. And some spoilers, LOL. Thanks! 

Alexandria Biedron (Chapter 164) - Sat 05 Mar 2022

Good this makes me happy they're moving on 

SmilingFool (Chapter 164) - Sat 05 Mar 2022

Finally they are one in mind, body and soul...  

docsgirl4 (Chapter 164) - Sat 05 Mar 2022

I got the impression that Ksgome and Sesshomaru shared something very special. I anticipate the dialogue between them to enhance this moment. Thanks for the author's note and update:)

SmilingFool (Chapter 163) - Fri 04 Mar 2022


PinkSakura (Chapter 163) - Fri 04 Mar 2022

Hi, thanks!

I know this may not be the best moment to ask this, LOL, and I don't think you need to write the details anyway, it can simply remain a mystery, but I've often wondered how come he didn't suspect a thing the morning after their mating? And he must have wondered too, mustn't he?

Even if she wasn't there anymore, what about scent, what about walking up in a different place, what about waking up naked (partially at least), what about memory loss? Did she dress him? Did she purify the scents? But then, there should have been some traces of purification left, right? Did she do something else to protect him from what had happened? The final battle was approaching, it would make a lot of sense, they needed him focused. And she knew that he didn't remember, and she didn't want him to remember either at that time. And how did she know?

Since he's starting to fill in the blanks, I couldn't help but think about it all over again.

Well, ramblig once more, I'll leave it at that.

docsgirl4 (Chapter 163) - Thu 03 Mar 2022

I had to wait until Chapter 163 to write a review since chapter 162 seemed a little too short in regards to being in the moment. I can't wait to find out what that scream meant. Thanks for the update.

SmilingFool (Chapter 162) - Wed 02 Mar 2022

Now they are getting to it....  He is memorizing her body as if it were a dream.

docsgirl4 (Chapter 161) - Sun 27 Feb 2022

Nice update

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