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SmilingFool (Chapter 16) - Tue 10 May 2022

Poor Sesshomaru and Kagome they deserve a break.

Young Kagome (Chapter 15) - Sun 08 May 2022

Oooh I'm loving this!! Please update soon! 

SmilingFool (Chapter 15) - Fri 22 Apr 2022

Gods I hope she gets her memory back so she can kick some arse...

SmilingFool (Chapter 14) - Tue 05 Apr 2022

You know for some reason I swore this story took place in the past rather than the future...  Goes to show my eyes decieve me too...  lol  Loved how Inu Yasha told Sesshomaru off.

SmilingFool (Chapter 13) - Thu 31 Mar 2022

Okay I read it over again and found you fixed the confusion.  Well I can't wait to read more update soon.

SmilingFool (Chapter 12) - Thu 31 Mar 2022

I take it you redone some of the chapters...  I remembered when Sesshomaru was at Kagome's bedside and she didn't remember him.  That it was killing him to watch her fall for another person or something like that....  I am glad you are updating though.

SmilingFool (Chapter 11) - Thu 31 Mar 2022

Ah man finally updates galore..... Loved them can't believe they finally found her now it was time for them to get her out and back to the Western Lands....  Gosh I can't wait to read more love this story....  Thank you for the wonderful updates....

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 12) - Sun 09 Aug 2020

Nice chapter. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 12) - Sun 09 Aug 2020

Wow such a sweet chapter.....truma can be stiffling when trying to heal and get answers.  Although I now wonder did you give us a clue as to held her captive?  Could it have been her first suitor?  and who was he?  Will he attend the party?  Will they remember him?  I know if he is the one that took her she'd remember his voice....  Selective remembering being tramatizied has a way of working things out....  Anyways, nice chapter update soon.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 11) - Tue 26 May 2020

Great story.

Lauren (Chapter 11) - Tue 05 May 2020

Scanned this chapter, and I'm glad it wasn't all upsetting 


This chapter was posted twice. 

Lauren (Chapter 10) - Thu 23 Apr 2020

Welcome back!

Poor Kagome... Here is hoping they can arrange training or something productive to assist in the transition back to normal life.

I hope you are staying safe! Happy pre-Friday~

SmilingFool (Chapter 10) - Mon 20 Apr 2020

I do adore this story, thank you for updating.  Wow such a heart breaker....  I do hope Sesshomaru get to kill and revive the ones responsible for what happened to Kagome.  So she was found in the north in their dungeons for the eleven years, I was going to suggest Naraku but I don't know if he is in this story or if he is even a villian. 

I don't like the Myu the third wife to Toga you stated that she is human but her brother is a hanyo are they half siblings?  Could both Nobo and Myu be in on why Kagome went missing, knowing somehow she knew where the fabeled jewel was?  Not enough clues except the echo of Kagome's name being called.  Oh how I was some clues....  

Oh just a thought the word you have youki is actually spelt yoki, and is the power of a yokai and jyki is the aura of the yokai I just thought you should know... Gods I don't even remember which chapter I read that part in...  Oh well, I hope you put the knowledge to good use and there is a whole lot more just look it up if you don't find it under Inu Yasha information page on characters then look at it all you be surprized at what you find on the sight.


Again thank you for updating.  Stay safe....  And yes being indoors is a moot point... Just stay safe.  Update soon.

Orchidaceae (Chapter 9) - Sun 29 Mar 2020

Update please!!!

Sammyjams (Chapter 8) - Wed 06 Nov 2019

Poor Kags - hopefully it comes back to her soon!

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 8) - Wed 06 Nov 2019

Aaaaw so sweet ;_; I wonder if she'll ever remember Sess.

Sammyjams (Chapter 6) - Tue 08 Oct 2019

I gobbled this story up so far! I can’t wait to read more!

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 6) - Sat 05 Oct 2019

I have so many questions! Poor Kags and Sess ;_;!!!

candy (Chapter 6) - Sat 05 Oct 2019


Huntress11 (Chapter 5) - Sat 17 Feb 2018

This makes me sad. Love it but sad.

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