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Name Entry

Created On: 06/14/2017 12:29:19

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I've posted the new chapter, sorry about the wait!


Created On: 09/16/2016 22:29:56

Thank you for reviewing! The next chapter is up, have a look!


Created On: 01/16/2016 14:09:36

Thank you! (for reviewing Blood and Moons). I hope to keep your interest peeked till the very end.


Stella Mira

Created On: 02/01/2013 07:05:49

I'm glad you're enjoying the new developments!

Thank you for the lovely review ^^

Stella Mira

Created On: 01/16/2013 12:06:18

Thank you for reading and reviewing my little oneshot "Chocolate Smiles". I'm thinking of making it into a cute drabble series once my other drabble is completed. Right now I have so many ongoing fics, I'll go crazy if I start another one xD But, I will surely continue with this in the near future!

The feedback is much appreciated ^^

Lady Kirara

Created On: 12/18/2012 15:06:05

Thanks for the lovely review on Home for the Holiday. Look for daily updates

Duchess Of Darkness

Chicago, IL
Created On: 01/22/2012 16:59:18

Lora Leigh?

Lol, I love most if not all her books
I happy you stuck around for She's Our Miko. Good to know someone appreciates my perveh mind. Thank you.


The Hatter Theory

Created On: 12/31/2011 10:17:55

I'm glad you're enjoying BLP, and thank you so much for the review! As for Inu Yasha, not telling (but no :whistle. I hope you have an amazingly awesomenessified happy new year!


ON A BOAT ~ Not really
Created On: 11/30/2011 09:24:31

Thank you for the review on Fix It. >_> I hope it is interesting in a good way. I understand the story is kinda like .



Created On: 11/27/2011 18:37:34

Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying Ever the Lotus and that you liked Illumination as well. As for my development of Sesshoumaru's character - thank you for the compliment! That's why I so enjoy writing Sess/Kags - because Sesshoumaru is such a complicated character to write! I certainly enjoy trying, lol.


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