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An avid reader and a true hopeless for romantic yet smut stories (not gonna lie that we all love some smutty goodies lol). Love Sesskag's fics since I was in high school which is ummm around 10-12 years ago xD


note to self : leave more reviews since it shows that I appreciate the Authors to take some of their times to write fics for my smutty mind. Yep.

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Created On: 07/28/2021 09:25:40
Edited By Anna On: 07/28/2021 09:26:28

Thank you so much for your review on Sweeter than Saké. After the few reviews stopped trickling I thought that was it, but to see your review was really thrilling for me. It encouraged me to consider a sequel. Since I have no inspiration right now, I won't work on it but if someday something naturally comes to me that I feel can surpass this chapter, I will surely update. For then, please consider reading my other fics, (they might not be as good as this as I'm a newbie)... Sending your way lots of love.
Feedback from Anneheis: Oh my god! I can't believe this that you're truly here, Author-san! I'm truly happy that my crazy review thrilled you! Seriously you did a very good job there, I got so hooked by your story that it saddened me to see that it's a oneshot... Because it's truly too good to be a oneshot! But please don't feel pressured to write the sequel but I'll squeal like a true fangirl if you write them! Why? Because that story is one my favs! Good luck, Author-san!

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