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So I am finally saying goodbye to this fandom. Thank you to the sesskag fandom for being the light to my life since I was 10 years old. I did not grow up in a loving family. I was neglected by friends and family when I was young so this fandom was what kept me together. The ship have grown on me over the years and I found that I can never love a pairing as much as I have loved sesskag. Maybe even after I declared myself leaving, I will never again find another that makes me feel the same kind of joy. However, because of the recent sequel, I can never look at everything the same again no matter how hard I try and that I can never love the same as I loved. Everything is now a memory. The fandom that I go to as a comfort zone is now the reason I am depressed and getting panic attacks whenever I think about it.


So with that, I am leaving after posting all of my fanart on this sesskag site. Goodbye

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Reiyn Isa


Thank you sesskag, I dont think I can love anything else as much as I loved this. But its time to let go.



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  Utsukushi tenshi
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Once upon a time (and a kiss)
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Beautiful on you
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Unlikely Attraction
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Mmmh Harder
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Fluffy snuugglees
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You're Beautiful
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U wot M8
Kiss please
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Sesshkag:Cold Times
  • Sesshkag:Cold Times
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Winter Project
  • Winter Project
  • Category: Fanart
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